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Friday, December 7, 2007

How To Build A Water Garden Fountain

Garden fountains are accessories to water ponds - be they small or large. The sound of flowing water, be it rippling or cascading are so relaxing that they add up to the peacefulness and tranquility of outdoors.

There are so many fountains to choose from. You can go for the dramatic fountains that are made out of cast stone. You can save space by going for wall fountains. There are so many finishing to select. There is the garden wall fountains that are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. There are sandstone finishes that add classy appeal.

Other factors we suggest you consider before deciding on the ideal fountain for you is your living space situation. Is your garden big enough to accommodate the outdoor fountains made out of copper, stone, and fiberglass? These fountains are normally so large that those who have big gardens consider these to be the center of their exterior.

Another factor that determines the kind of water garden fountain you purchase is if you have pets. If the fountain you get is on ground level, then your pet may think that it is a bathtub, or better yet for him, a swimming pool. Sometimes, they will even drink from it.

For others, water fountains, from the looks of it, may be daunting. You do not have to go to the mall yourself and check how much they are. Obviously, these are expensive. You have a water garden and you are already satisfied with a water feature that is appropriate for the landscape. A small water fountain can do the trick. It is not only cheap, it is also low-maintenance. As long as you hear the ripping of the water, your nerves will be relaxed. Why need a big fountain, right?

So you decided to build your own water garden fountain. Here are the steps:

1. Consult an electrician who could install the ground fault circuit interrupter near the man-made pond. The cord length depends on how far the fountain is from the pond. Ideally, the landscaping for the garden fountain is inches close to the patio so that while you are relaxing on the patio, you are soothed with the sounds coming from your fountain.

2. Remove the weeds that are surrounding the are you chose to put your water fountain. Double check whether the ground is level. Then that is when you dig the hole. This is where you will put the pond liner. In order for you to get the accurate dimensions of the hole, trace the preformed pond lining plastic and trace around the area.

3. Make sure that your hole is deep enough to accommodate the water garden fountain that you have in mind. Use sand to fill between the gaps. Sand can be used at the bottom because it is malleable and will let you have an easier time adjusting the height of the pond for your water garden fountain.

4. Before instilling the water garden fountain, check whether the ground is level, front and back, right and left.

5. Now youre ready to put your water garden fountain. If your main concentration on having a fountain is the decoration, then you should build a fountain that is cheap enough for you to go about the total costs. Make sure that you will be able to save more having done the job yourself than buying one and having technicians to install It for you in the first place.

6. This can be done sans plumbing, as a matter of fact. You can just drill holes in the bottom of your statue and then another one on the top. With a knife, you can make the holes bigger so it would allow the plastic tubing to pass through easily.

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